MRI finding versus arthroscopic finding regarding ACL injury

Zuhair Gheni Abd Ali*1


25 patients, 20 male patients and 5 female patients with knee joint injury, all of them with
single knee joint injury. 25 knee joints are examined during this study, all patients are perform
MRI in different centers send with report of the MRI from expert radiologist. They perform
arthroscopy in Al Sadder medical city from January 2013 – October 2014. The aim of this
study is to confirmed or unconfirmed ACL injury after clinical examination and MRI which
they perform to them either in our center or other centers. The majority of ACL injuries 70%
occur while playing agility sports, and the most often reported sports are football. About 70%
of ACL injuries are sustained through noncontact mechanisms, while the remaining 30% result
from direct contact. The aim of this study is to assess the diagnostic value and compare the
accuracy (sensitivity and specificity) of MRI to arthroscopic finding regarding the ACL injury.

Keyword: MRI; ACL injury; Radiologist

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