Etiology and outcome of peritoneal dialysis in 100 patients with chronic renal failure in Al-Ramadi Teaching

Muthanna Medical Journal
Volume 7, Issue 2,  2020 Page 41-46
Haitham N. AL-Koubaisy 1, Khalid A. AL-Rawi 1, Bahget sweedan 2
* Correspondence author:
1University of Anbar, College of Medicine, Department of Medicine
2Anbar Health organization. Ramadi Teaching Hospital, Department of Medicine
Received 27 August 2020, Accepted 20 October, Available online 22 November 2020


chronic renal failure is fatal disease because it leads to failure of excretory ,metabolic and endocrine functions of the kidneys which lead to disturb all physiological functions of the body some of these derangements is fatal to human beings to save human these body disturbances by chronic renal failure is treated by renal transplant and dialysis in different ways including peritoneal dialysis (PD.). Chronic renal failure is a common disease in patients attending Ramadi teaching hospital whom treated by peritoneal dialysis (PD) with variable results . So this study is introduced to detect the health status for managing chronic renal failure treated by peritoneal dialysis. All patients were 100 patients (53 male and 47 female) with CRF who admitted to the medical word in Al-Ramadi teaching hospital during a period from November 2008 till July 2009. Thorough history, examination and investigations were done for them including: hemoglobin, ESR ,blood urea, serum creatinine, ECG and abdominal U/S then PD was done for them according to their indications. The study showed that male was 53% with the age between 13 and 87 years while the female was 47% with the age between 12 and 91 years. Diabetes mellitus (DM) and hypertension (HT) were the most common cause of CRF. The outcome was: 30%complete improvement, 21% partial improvement, 26% less responsive and 23% died. In the last months of my study there was significant improvement. Inconclusion; DM and HT were the most common causes of CRF respectively; however obstructive uropathy had a notable ratio. There was no significant difference regarding sex. The outcome of PD was poor early in my study with significant improvements later.

Keywords: Chronic renal failure; Endocrine functions of the kidneys; Peritoneal dialysis (PD.).

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