Comparison of the healing effect of occlusive hydrocolloid dressing and conventional gauze dressing concerning hernia operations in children

Muthanna Medical Journal
Volume 7, Issue 2,  2020 Page 79-85
Abdulsattar Jubair Ali *, Thaker Thiab Hmood 1

* Correspondence author:
1Alramadi teaching hospital, Iraq
Received 11 October 2020, Accepted 22 December 2020, Available online 26 December 2020


The purpose is using the occlusive hydrocolloid dressing (OHD) and gauze dressing (GD) to compare incidence of infection of wound and cost-effectiveness of dressing after hernia operation in children. Eighty children was undergo hernia surgery, wounds were dressing by OHD or GD. Hydrocolloid dressing was remain till suture was removed, and GD changed every day after operation. Calculations of cost dressing mean dressing alterations frequency and cost for each dressing in every treatment cluster. There are no variances amongst the two clusters concerning the incidence of wound infection. OHD was less costly and complex than GD, and GD necessary to be altered each day (p = 0.001).
In conclusion, OHD is less costly to use, and less complex than GD because GD wanted to be altered more times during the period of healing.
Keywords: Hydrocolloid Dressing, Gauze dressing, Inguinal hernia, Wound infection